This family. I photograph them every year and couldn’t love them more. I was so excited to meet Emma, the newest addition to the Gentis clan; she came all the way from China, and I’ll let Lindsay’s words tell the rest. Adoption is so beautiful, powerful, wonderful…just like this fam.

"Adoption was something we knew we wanted to do “someday” for as long as we’ve talked about having a family, but it was always “someday”. I’d say that after we had Amelia, that whisper that we had been hearing for years (you know that familiar stirring in your heart that is just unmistakably God) turned into more than a whisper, and we knew that there was a child that couldn’t wait for our “someday”. It was time for “someday” to be now. Was it uncomfortable? Of course. Were we scared? Absolutely. Terrified to be honest. We were saying “yes” to an unknown, which I think is always hard. But, *God*--whenever we felt afraid, we were reminded that our God isn’t a God of fear. When we felt we weren’t equipped to say yes to Emma’s needs, we were reminded that WE aren’t, but HE is. We intentionally choose to trust that He equips the called, not calls the equipped. That in our weaknesses, His power is proven the greatest. 
Adoption is truly the gospel in your living room. People tell us all the time how lucky Emma is to be in our family, and while I know their intention is good, it makes me cringe inside. WE are the lucky ones. We would do it all again in a heartbeat. I can’t imagine our family without Emma. My ongoing prayer with our story is that it could encourage other families to listen to that whisper. If God is stirring your heart for adoption, just say yes to the next step. Do some research. Talk to adoptive parents. Just say yes to that next thing and see where God leads you. He’s already making a way for you, you just have to trust Him and be willing to go."

all photos shot on portra800/portra400 film developed by the find lab