meet me at the lake

Give me a session where grandma and grandpa cry together multiple times while taking in the scene of their family surrounding them, so in love with each other and every.single.bit of all of it... I guarantee I'll leave loving my job even more than when I arrived.

The family history at this lake house spans dozens of decades long as Bill can remember. He, his sister Mary, and wife Rose redid the house so that their family can make memories here for generations to come, too. Bill and Mary recalled memories they had here with their grandparents, Rose told me about the history of the old home and what she loved about the remodel. They laughed (lots), cried (quite a bit...the good kind), and I felt like I'd known them all for years by the time I left. Those sessions are the very best.

Thank you all for making me feel so welcomed...I hope so much I'll see you again.

all photos shot with film, developed by The FIND Lab