some of my fave images of a family I adore so very much.

Spring is comin friends…I wanna get your fam in front of my camera, too.

portra400/ektar100/fuji400h films; developed by the find lab


This family. I photograph them every year and couldn’t love them more. I was so excited to meet Emma, the newest addition to the Gentis clan; she came all the way from China, and I’ll let Lindsay’s words tell the rest. Adoption is so beautiful, powerful, wonderful…just like this fam.

"Adoption was something we knew we wanted to do “someday” for as long as we’ve talked about having a family, but it was always “someday”. I’d say that after we had Amelia, that whisper that we had been hearing for years (you know that familiar stirring in your heart that is just unmistakably God) turned into more than a whisper, and we knew that there was a child that couldn’t wait for our “someday”. It was time for “someday” to be now. Was it uncomfortable? Of course. Were we scared? Absolutely. Terrified to be honest. We were saying “yes” to an unknown, which I think is always hard. But, *God*--whenever we felt afraid, we were reminded that our God isn’t a God of fear. When we felt we weren’t equipped to say yes to Emma’s needs, we were reminded that WE aren’t, but HE is. We intentionally choose to trust that He equips the called, not calls the equipped. That in our weaknesses, His power is proven the greatest. 
Adoption is truly the gospel in your living room. People tell us all the time how lucky Emma is to be in our family, and while I know their intention is good, it makes me cringe inside. WE are the lucky ones. We would do it all again in a heartbeat. I can’t imagine our family without Emma. My ongoing prayer with our story is that it could encourage other families to listen to that whisper. If God is stirring your heart for adoption, just say yes to the next step. Do some research. Talk to adoptive parents. Just say yes to that next thing and see where God leads you. He’s already making a way for you, you just have to trust Him and be willing to go."

all photos shot on portra800/portra400 film developed by the find lab

love you more

I love this family and adore my sweet friend Meredith…

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porta400/800 film, scanned by The FIND Lab


Mr. and Mrs. Enders

I have always said I am hired by the *best* wedding clients ever, but Daniel and Valerie have to rank at the top of my list in terms of the sweetest, too. So kind. So thoughtful...generous. I could talk forever about how much I loved getting to know them the past year. 

Ahhh the details of the day, pretty. THAT DRESS!! And Laurel Hall, I mean, how gorgeous is this place?! Fairytale day, right here, guys. I love when clients include family heirlooms of some kind into their details; the pennies a couple photos down were worn in Valerie's grandparents' shoes on their wedding day. 

One of the BEST moments was when Daniel surprised Valerie at the reception by singing her a song. So good.

Another note about this day that I loved was allll of their portait/private time together. Daniel and Valerie opted for a First Look (cue tears when they read their letters), we had extra time then after the ceremony, and we snuck out of the reception right after sunset to finish the day out.

Their day was perfection, and I am so happy I got to be a small part of it. Thank you guys...for everything!

vendor details listed at the bottom of this post!

  • film developed by The FIND Lab
  • wedding planning: Bridget Davis Events
  • flowers: JP Parker Flowers
  • makeup: Andrew Elliot (um, future brides...this perfect makeup lasted
  • dress: Marie Gabriel Couture
  • venue: Laurel Hall

meet me at the lake

Give me a session where grandma and grandpa cry together multiple times while taking in the scene of their family surrounding them, so in love with each other and every.single.bit of all of it... I guarantee I'll leave loving my job even more than when I arrived.

The family history at this lake house spans dozens of decades long as Bill can remember. He, his sister Mary, and wife Rose redid the house so that their family can make memories here for generations to come, too. Bill and Mary recalled memories they had here with their grandparents, Rose told me about the history of the old home and what she loved about the remodel. They laughed (lots), cried (quite a bit...the good kind), and I felt like I'd known them all for years by the time I left. Those sessions are the very best.

Thank you all for making me feel so welcomed...I hope so much I'll see you again.

all photos shot with film, developed by The FIND Lab 

Mr. and Mrs. Elston

Okay, so I'm probably breaking a blogging "rule" here by posting toooo many photos of Derek and Caroline's wedding day...but ICAN'THELPIT. 

This was a dreeeaaam day. If you keep scrolling, you'll see one of the sweetest First Looks I've EVER seen, and they showed each other this genuine emotion I've loved getting to know them and am honestly so sad their wedding journey has ended. Hire me for fam photos forever, k? You guys know how much I adore you.

And wait...can we talk about HER DRESS. Caroline was pure perfection. This dress was literally made for her

I loved every single person we worked with; the bridesmaids were the *kindest,* everyone was so helpful and both families were incredibly gracious.  It was also so fun getting to meet so many guys that my husband has either yelled happily or angrily at through the TV during many, many basketball games in the past. GO HOOSIERS...and man, Mr. Oladipo can sing.

Until next time <3

film developed by The FIND Lab

second shooter: Stephanie Resendez

gown: Marie Gabriel Couture, Indianpolis, IN

venue: The Ritz Charles, Carmel, IN

flowers: Evergreen Flower Co, Columbus OH